zondag 20 mei 2012

*Yawn* Good morning teacher!

I know it has been two weeks since I posted an entry but to be honest, nothing interesting happened so I decided not to bore you with my futile stories. You’re welcome.

But hold on to your seats because this just in: the new school year started and in this eventful week the teachers provided us with no more than 8 hours to teach!
On Monday and Tuesday we were to help two Thai teachers teach the new pupils revision lessons before they entered the English classes in our school. I was shocked at the level of English these children ‘mastered’. Some pupils couldn’t count to twenty and some had difficulties reciting the alphabet. They have been getting English lessons since they were 8 years old so I wonder what the hell the teachers have been doing.

On Wednesday it was the official start of the new school year. A long morning ceremony followed by no classes pretty much covered the entire day. So after half an hour of socializing with colleagues we skipped school (after we had asked permission) and went home to get some other things done.
On Thursday most of the teachers still had to go over the new rules, aims for their courses and so on. Since all of the lessons would be in Thai today we ended up spending an entire day in the library with no internet. I do love Thai schools, don’t get me wrong, but spending 8 hours in a room where fans are non-existent? Not cool.  
We put on bold faces and told the teachers that if we didn’t have any classes on Friday, we would just stay home. Luckily they created a timetable for the upcoming two weeks so we would have something on our hands. Seems like I’ll be teaching more than any regular English teacher, but hey, I am not complaining.
After four lessons (Introducing yourself and revising numbers + alphabet) I was back in ‘the zone’. The negative vibe we picked up in the last couple of days disappeared once we were back in front of the classroom, trying to help Thai children understand a tad more of English than they can possibly learn by their normal teachers.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention I spotted a strange looking gecko (or chameleon) in one of the hallways.

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  1. Hè Sam leuke huisdiertjes hebben jullie hè ,breng maar een mee voor Milan ( ha ha )En hoe is het met je neleke ??zonde voor de laatste weken .Geniet alvast nog en vertroetel ze maar eens goe als ze nog pijn heeft .De groetjes en dikke kus van mij en Luc xxxxxxx

  2. helaba sam ik ben hier ook nog eens he ! allee nog 2 weken engelse les geven en dan kunt ge terug vlaams klappen ( als ge het nog kunt) hihi denk dat het wreed lastig is dat die kinderen zo traag leren ! ik zou mijn geduld rap verliezen !maar ja het spreekwoord zegt het : schoenmaker;;;;;;;;;;; allee man nog dikke kus (ge hebt mij nog nooit ene teruggegeven ) grtjs van ons