vrijdag 11 mei 2012

A private hairdresser please!

Because we only had to teach on Thursday this week we had a lot of free time on our hands. On Monday we decided to book a hotel room in our all time favorite town: Surin (not that we have a choice, it’s the only ‘town’ near us).

We had a swim, had a couple of nice meals, bought (even more) souvenirs and I got a haircut. Not that special you think? Guess again. I entered the sleazy looking ‘shop’, was assigned a seat, waited five minutes and gulped. A pair of rusty scissors, shampoo bottles with greenish mold on them and some other dirty artifacts.  Luckily the woman that came in had her own materials and they were clean as a whistle. Phew. Before she started cutting my hair she spent at least 10 minutes blessing my hair, making ‘Wai’s’ and asking me of it was okay is he touched my hair. Of course I said yes, otherwise she’d have troubles actually performing her job. After twenty minutes she was done and I had to pay 1.75 EUR.

Tuesday and Wednesday: nothing special to report. We did some work for school, watched a couple of movies, and that’s it really.

On Thursday we finally had something to do. We gave our final day of English Camp at Surappinpittaya (our school name) and we were rather excited. We again gave the pupils the assignment of creating a booklet about English Camp and we were going to receive them today. Everyone single pupil had finished them so we were happy as can be. After doing some more activities, we had lunch and after our meal we started the closing ceremony. First we awarded the prizes for the most beautiful booklets, we gave every pupil a certificate of attendance and we had a few bags of chips and some refreshing drinks. After we said goodbye, we cleaned up and said goodbye to Sally. She is going back to her school for the remainder of our time in Thailand.

Now it’s Friday and we are sitting in our room with a fan blowing. We just went out for a drink (Ice-Chocolate for Nele- I already dread the time she has to go cold turkey – and Iced Green Tea with milk for me) and we had to run back inside. It’s just too hot. Well, beats rain, doesn’t it?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooi kopje haar Sam ,en precies goe recht (:-),heel mooi .Jullie leerlingen doen het ook super zie ik op de foto,leuk dat je ze dan moogt belonen met een diploma.Hopelijk als jullie naar huis komen Sam is het hier wat warmer ,anders alle twee verkouden het is gewoon een verschil van24gr.(kunt Gé nie geloven hè )geniet dus nog maar goed van de laatste weken ,dikke kus voor u en nele xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hallo sam toch geen dreadlogs en lange baard na je avontuur ,want die kans zat erin hebt ge nog gezegd ! hihihi een kort kopje is fris aan den dis he ! mooie foto van u in de klas ! dikke kus van ons